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As part of Ekopak Sustainable Water, iSERV is the specialized sustainable service provider for water treatment. We are a team of experienced specialists who provide top service for the entire group: both our own customers, as well as the companies that appeal to Ekopak or WaaS.

Why iServ?


There are no standard solutions. But, with us you can be sure of intelligent, reliable, sustainable and cost-efficient services. Always with  the objective of continuous production and water supply.


We are quite knowledgeable with regards to industrial, pure and ultra-pure water – treated by ion exchange (IX), reverse osmosis, membrane technology and techniques for (ultra)-filtration and softening.


Our employees make a difference for companies and government agencies. We have consequently succeeded in convincing customers to use our services in a wide variety of sectors.

Service Pillar of Ekopak and WaaS

In April 2021, iSERV acquired a place in the structure of Ekopak Sustainable Water; the company that was able to lay claim to a successful IPO on the Brussels Euronext 100 shortly before. iSERV mainly profiles itself within Ekopak as a service pillar.

Water for your money

What are we not? iSERV is not a contracting company for the construction of water plants and not an exclusive agent for the selective representation of water treatment equipment. We can, however, produce designs for such water plants. We insist on being an independent and goal-oriented service provider for our customers. Being customer-oriented means that we deliver value – and especially water – for your money.

Service for sectors

  • pharmaceuticals, healthcare and cosmetics
  • food and beverage industry
  • heavy industry (pulp & paper production, oil & gas extraction, metal industry, mining, glass industry, waste processing, water treatment)
  • chemical production
  • power plants and power generation
  • defence and public services
  • water operation
  • public swimming pools

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