We saw Ekopak grow strongly in our sector in recent years. So much so, that the company went public on the Euronext Brussels stock exchange in March 2021. After the successful IPO, the next step followed rapidly: in April 2021, iSERV joined forces with Ekopak Sustainable Water and also acceded to  the sustainable thinking behind the company:

Powerful service organization

The function of iSERV in the Ekopak organization is primarily service-oriented. Ekopak is faced with more and more larger projects regarding water production, purification and recycling. In order to keep all installations running optimally, a powerful service organization is needed. iSERV is grasping this challenge with open hands and will, of course, continue to offer its existing customers – both companies and government agencies – a broad range of services.

Service for WaaS

The name says it all: Water-as-a-Service. Service also occupies an important place in WaaS. With WaaS, Ekopak guarantees its customers a continuous water supply. WaaS ensures that they will always have the required water volume, thanks to efficient water management, a sustainable approach and continuity.

Thanks to the resolute choice of innovative technology and alternative water sources, the cost of water with WaaS is 30-40% lower than what companies pay today. A 24/7 service is needed in order to ensure the continuity of the water supply. iSERV is happy to deploy its specialists to make that service guarantee of WaaS a reality every day.


Save Water, Give Water

How do Ekopak, WaaS and iSERV help their customers when it comes to ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)?

Save water, give water