Is your water treatment or recovery system not working as it should? Or are you looking for areas of improvement to make it perform even more strongly? Call us. We will examine the treatment installation and techniques that you use and we will suggest targeted actions.

Advice for better operation

Good advice is worth its weight in gold. This is certain if you use it to prevent unexpected interruptions in  your production process. After a thorough examination, we will advise you how to repair current defects or shortcomings. In this way, you can optimize the operation of your current installation and reduce unforeseen malfunctions.

Advice for increased productivity

Everything has to be faster and cheaper. Do you think that it cannot be done? We will investigate it out for you. And we will suggest proposals to increase the productivity and output of your installation and to reduce the operational costs. This way, your water management installation will remain reliable and you will still work more productively and cost-efficiently.

Advice for regulatory compliance

It does not take a crystal ball to predict that environmental legislation will continue to change and become more stringent. Can you already take that into account now when it comes to water treatment and recovery? Yes, of course. You will receive proposals from us to adapt your installation to the current legislation and prepare it for stringent future requirements.


Rest assured: iSERV, Ekopak and WaaS are not affiliated with any particular brand or manufacturer. We work completely independently. The sole purpose of our consultancy services is to extend the longevity of your installation.


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