Specific competence regarding ion exchangers and ion technology? You will find it at iSERV. We have built up extensive knowledge and you can therefore rely on us for a wide range of services.

Ion technology from a to z

We enjoy taking care of the engineering of new systems. We are at home with everything related to ion exchangers and ion technology; from the basics to the extremely detailed. Would you like to upgrade your existing systems so that the ion technology used is completely up to date? Then we are your ion partner.

A heart for resin

We at iSERV have a heart for resin. Feel free to call on us for the supply of all types of resins and resin technology. We cater for all major resin producers. Our specialists will also gladly execute laboratory research and testing of resins for you.

Turnkey service

Do you want to outsource the management of resins and filters entirely? Then it will be good to know that iSERV offers you a turnkey service:

  • from partial to complete
  • for removal and replacement of resins and filters
  • for recovering degraded resins (resin filtration and resin refining, removal of organic materials, metals, etc.)
  • including inspection, examination and repair of containers and filters for ion exchange (external and internal)

Assistance, training and monitoring

True ion champions are all-rounders. Therefore, request process assistance from us to examine the efficiency of your existing water treatment system; to train your operators and to monitor your Installation remotely.


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