The reliability and longevity of membranes are crucial in your water production. Do you not have peace of mind when it comes to membranes? Then you need to take action. Call us to keep your water production, treatment or recovery installation in top shape.

The best membrane products

When it comes to membranes, our selection process is strict. Only membranes from all major manufacturers are allowed. In addition, we only use original chemicals for cleaning. This guarantees that both membranes and chemicals are thoroughly tested and future-proof.

Keeping an eye on everything

We offer cleaning services both onsite and off-site. And operational parameters are constantly monitored. By keeping an eye on everything 24/7, we prevent breakdowns. We intervene immediately.

Turnkey service

Do you want to be sure of the proper functioning of the membranes in your installation anytime, anywhere? The specialists at iSERV will act proactively in the event of:

  • removal and replacement of membranes
  • recovering degraded membranes (biofouling, scaling, metals, …)
  • preventive cleaning of membranes

Need membrane services?

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