Every moment and every detail are important to you, because you have invested in your water treatment or recovery installations. And that deserves excellent service.

Service ter plaatse
We provide you with on-site service on your site:

Repair or replacement of all types of equipment and installations

Cleaning and replacement of various forms and equipment for water treatment

Process support

Start-up services

Are you commissioning a brand-new water treatment or purification installation? Engage us for start-up services. We calibrate, make adjustments and take care of the smallest teething problems. Result: your installation will be operational at full capacity in no time. Would you like us to train and educate your operators? We do that too.

Maintenance services

Sound and regular maintenance is at the heart of a good and sustained functioning installation. Therefore, do not forget to entrust us with preventive and curative maintenance. And do not hesitate to engage us to facilitate the monitoring as well.

Would you like us to lend a hand logistically? Are you thinking of outsourcing certain services? Or do you not have time to search for spare parts? Just ask us and we will offer you a solution.


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